First off, I am neither Democrat nor Republican.

I do not lean in any particular direction. I am not a moderate or an independent. I am just an average American!

Yes, I am guilty of complacency and possibly even apathy. There are few things I find less interesting or more boring than Politics. To be honest I have never voted in my entire life. But please do not mistake my disinterest as uninformed. I understand more than most. I learned about this country's Electoral College in the 4th grade, which essentially nullifies the popular vote (see elections 1824, 1876, 1888, 2000 and 2016). I have grown to not only accept but expect a certain amount of dishonesty and corruption from our Politicians (across the board), so I have taken a “why bother” position. I go about my daily routines with a lightly veiled denial of “how the system works” and although I’ve never said it out loud, I do appreciate being shielded from the 100 things that “almost” happened last year but didn’t and we never heard a word about it. Thank you US Government! But what is going on in MY country right now is beyond unacceptable and I will take responsibility for my part of living within this system and taking the position of silent omission. This is not my first rodeo being embarrassed about being an American (see the Bush years - pick one) but this is the first time I find myself concerned about “The American Way of Life”.

Even a Political layperson (like myself) can see the singular component driving America into the ground! GOD AWFUL LEADERSHIP! Sure we can spread the blame around to the underlings, the media etc. but as the saying goes, we need to “cut the head off the snake”.

So I am asking America’s REAL “Silent Majority” to get up off the couch and register to vote (I DID!) so we ALL can get back to our regularly scheduled lives! Let's Landslide this BITCH! The 2020 election is not about Left and Right, Red and Blue or even Black and White. America 2020 is about RIGHT AND WRONG and no matter how you do the math TRUMP EQUALS WRONG!


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